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Disclaimer: Due to being unable to test the Emergency Call system without dialing real emergency numbers, I may be incorrect on certain points. Feel free to correct me if I am and you know from experience. 


This concept showcases an addition to the Emergency Call interface. On top of being able to dial a number, you can swipe over to view a list of numbers to call. The user of the device can set four emergency numbers in Phone settings to display in this view (or possibly more – potential scrollview however I don’t see it as being that useful). Tapping any of the cells will automatically dial the number. Security/privacy is retained since no one’s number is displayed ever during the call. 

In light of potential exploitation or accidental dialing, an additional add-on would be a notification that remains on the lock screen to alert you that an emergency call was dialed. 

Here’s another idea I have but I’m posing it as question in case this is already built-in.

1) The dialer recognizes if the number is not an emergency number and won’t dial if you type any number in. But, does that mean you have to dial an emergency number to call or can you press the Phone dial button on the bottom right immediately for it to automatically dial the appropriate number? If it doesn’t do this already, it would be an excellent addition

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