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This project is in progress.

With this concept, you can have access to certain tasks right from your lock screen. Since notifications come onto the lock screen as well, simply page to the second page to view all the sliders. Sliding any of the icons will perform what is displayed on the cell. If there are more icons/sliders that can fit on the page, the table will also be scrollable, allowing you to potentially have more options that what can be viewed at once. 

This can come in handy if you want quick access or it’s not an appropriate time to use Siri (sliders will be a faster alternative). There will be a list of tasks that can be added to the lock screen and can be enabled or disabled from view (inside Settings). The ones shown in the image are not the only options that could be available.

Note: If a passcode is set, it will require the user to enter the passcode before continuing (thanks Mike for reminding me). 

Now let’s take this a step further. Imagine being able to perform some of these tasks on the lock screen without leaving the environment?

Well, there’s my next mission. I’m working on this until it’s perfect and comprehensive. 


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Concept for how to deal with groups in Contacts. Add groups from your device, view group fields inside the contacts, and add contacts to groups (not shown — multi-select contacts in All Contacts and add them to a group at the same time). 

© 2011 Joshua Tucker