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Now that iOS 6 has pull to refresh in Mail, the refresh button has been removed from the bottom bar. Being someone who always tries to find ways to utilize “dead space,” I thought about something that I would like to have easier access to from that view. 

One area that’s difficult to get to in Mail is the folder hierarchy for each account. In other words, you can’t easily navigate to another folder within your account (inbox) very easily. The process to do that now is to go to the main page of Mail and go into one of the Accounts at the bottom of the list. That’s displacing if you’re already in the inbox view. 

To make the process easier, I brought a folder button to replace the refresh button inside the inbox view. If you tap that folder icon, it will bring up the hierarchy view and allow you to switch to another folder right from the inbox view. If you have more than one inbox and are in the “All Inboxes” view, all the folders for all accounts will show. But if you’re just in an individual inbox, it will only show folders from that inbox. 

You can always quit out of the view and return to the inbox you’re in. Easy peasy.

P.S. If you want an invite to Branch, click this link and “Ask to join.” Come discuss this concept with me there!  

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Here’s my idea for extending options in the Mail application on iOS (oriented more towards the iPhone and iPod touch). 


To view these options, you must be inside a mailbox. Simply pull down in the window field to reveal the options. It it will always start with the “Sort by X” section highlighted first. Tapping the particular section (Sort by X, Inbox, etc.) or dragging the highlighted underlay to another section (basically swiping) will allow you to switch between tabs if you wish.

Note: Just because you select that section means that it will show the options right away. In order to get access to any of the respective windows, you must tap the section header again. That also works to hide it once again. 


In the case of these screenshots, you can choose how you want to sort your Inbox. Tapping the highlighted “Sort by Date” (Date in this case) will pop down a window. You can scroll down through the window and select what you want. Here is a list of all the options:

  • Attachments
  • Date
  • Flags
  • From
  • Mailbox
  • Size
  • Subject
  • To
  • Unread

Also, you have an option of selecting Ascending or Descending order. Tap the section header again to hide the window. 

Inbox, Sent, and Drafts:

This are also tabs that you can select. I will cover these in later posts — but, I presume most of you get the jist. 

P.S. Concepts are always evolving, so stay tuned! Things I’m for sure going to do with this particular concept as soon as I pick it up again:

  • Touch up and try to make it a little more clean
  • Changing the box style (add arrows)
  • Detail the Inbox, Sent, and Drafts tab
  • Much more

© 2012 Joshua Tucker