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Here’s an addition to iOS’ method of moving icons:

Check Marks: When in wiggle mode, you can tap multiple icons so that you can move more than one icon at the same time.

Badge: Tells you how many icons you’ve selected when moving them to a new destination (only applicable if the number of icons is greater than one)

Icons (Overlay): If you select multiple applications and move them, whichever one you tapped first will show in the beginning and the rest will stack underneath. This gives a good visual on how many icons you’ve selected and will let you dynamically drag all those selected icons at the same time

Here are the features:

  • If you select multiple icons and move them at the same time, you can place them at any destination and the SpringBoard will justify. For example, let’s say the first row of my SpringBoard is as follows —> Phone, Messages, Contacts, Reminders. If I were to select Contacts and Reminders and drag it between the Phone and Messages icon, it will place those icons in the order that I tapped them to show a row like this —> Phone, Contacts, Reminders, Messages
  • You can select multiple icons and place onto another icon to make a folder.
  • This functionality would be an addition to native iOS, leaving all the other mechanisms intact. 

P.S. You may see a similarity with this and MultiIconMover by ashikase. It uses the initial selection method, however moving icons is done dynamically and is much more functional. 

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